A SoCal Bro Just Caught The 2nd Largest Blue Marlin In California History, The Largest in 84 Years


Matt Santora / San Diego Union Tribune

Catching blue marlin in California is rare, but by no means unheard of. However, catching blue marlin in California weighing over 500-pounds is pretty much unheard of. All the massive Pacific Blue Marlin caught these days are usually taken in either Hawaii, Panama, or Costa Rica. California’s a great place if you’re looking to catch a trophy striped marlin or white marlin, but for whatever reason the big blue marlin have stayed away….until recently. This past Wednesday Matt Santora landed a 662.2-pound blue marlin fishing out of Point Loma.


Matt Santora / San Diego Union Tribune

Ed Zieralski of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports:

In what has been an ocean fishing season filled with thrilling catches of big, exotic fish from Southern waters, Matt Santora’s landing of a 662.2-pound blue marlin Wednesday morning nine miles from Point Loma tops them all.
So far.
Santora, 34, was fishing from his 21-foot Wellcraft center console boat, Finbomb, with his friend, Andy Vo at the wheel, when a fish hit his trolled, custom-made marlin lure made by Brett Crane of Crane Lures. It was tied to 100-pound test line. The line went screaming off, and they knew they had a good fish.
“We were fishing for marlin and wahoo, especially marlin, when it hit the lure,” said Santora, who owns Finbomb (www.finbomb.com), a fishing apparel company. “We had a good feeling we were going to get a marlin, and when it bit, we knew it was a marlin. We just didn’t dream it was this big. But once she jumped, we knew.”


Mad props to Santora for doing something that nobody else in the state of California has pulled off in his lifetime! Also, I went fishing in that region of SoCal not too long ago and more or less got skunked. We caught some yellowtail that day and it was a fantastic day on the water, but no marlin were sighted (or caught).

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