3 Teams Most Likely to Acquire Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

David Berding/Getty Images


We’re entering a new NFL offseason, which means we we’re also entering another Summer of Rodgers.


Over the past several offseasons, Aaron Rodgers has grown to become more and more like his former teammate Brett Favre, playing the will he/won’t he games with his retirement plans. A young Aaron Rodgers once believed he won’t be like Favre and will finish his career in Green Bay, but it seems less and less likely by the week.

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t yet revealed his plans for the 2023 season. Will he return to the Packers, retire, or ask to be traded. Recent reports by ESPN’s Adam Schefter say that the team “prefers” to move on from him and that he’s aware of their feelings about the situation. So if Rodgers is indeed traded, where is he most likely to go to?

Las Vegas Raiders

This is the most obvious of the three options because his friend and former teammate Davante Adams is already in place in Vegas. Davante was traded by the Packers to the Raiders last offseason which means the two front offices have a good working relationship in place to make a possible deal happen more easily.

Without Adams last season, Rodgers suffered a 3-year low in his stats across the board. And while Adams had one of his better seasons away from Aaron in 2022, he did miss the playoffs, something that didn’t often happen to him while playing in Green Bay with Rodgers.

The two recently started to flirt with each other publicly and the stars seem to align.

The Raiders 2022 quarterback, Derek Carr, is a couple of weeks away from being traded or released by the team. Rodgers will have a spot ready if he’s willing to make the move away from Green Bay for the first time in his career.

New York Jets

The 2022-2023 New York Jets are basically the 2019-2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are a young team full of talent on both sides of the ball, have a strong defense and skilled receivers, but lacking a quarterback that won’t turn the ball over and mess everything up.

On the Jets, Aaron Rodgers can follow what the GOAT Tom Brady did in Tampa and turn around a team on the fringe of playoff relevance into a possible contender for the Super Bowl. And the Jets reportedly already have interest in Rodgers.

With young stud offensive players such as Garrett Wilson, Elijah Moore, Breece Hall and a top defense, Rodgers won’t need to do as much to push the team over the finish line.

San Francisco 49ers

It would appear that the 49ers are actually set at quarterback, despite already confirming Jimmy Garoppolo won’t be back with the team, they have both Brock Purdy and Trey Lance to compete for the QB1 job in 2023. Two young and promising passers that should excel under Kyle Shanahan’s system long-term.

But the big question is will they be ready for the 2023 season? Brock Purdy suffered a torn UCL injury in the NFC Championship game against the Eagles and it’s not yet clear if he’ll be ready for the start of the season.

Trey Lance broke his right ankle on Week 2 of the 2022 season and recently said he won’t work on his throwing motion this offseason. Which means he’s still recovering from that injury. And even if he’s healthy enough to play for Week 1, there’s still questions about his ability to be a top flight quarterback in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers knows Shanahan’s offense after spending the past 3 seasons with coach Matt LaFleur, who used to work with Shanahan in Washington. A seamless transition is possible here.

Rodgers did recently commented that he “isn’t going to San Fran”, but that could just be part of Aaron’s famous mind games and shouldn’t necessarily be taken seriously at this point.