Watch 30 Years Of The Best Part Of Every WrestleMania — The Entrances

by 4 years ago

Last week, we published a piece on the most badass wrestling entrances of all time. The WWE has one-upped us with the best WrestleMania entrances of all time and it’s OUTSTANDING.

The Rock, Triple H, Macho King, The Honky Tonk Man and a host of other WrestleMania entrances spanning the last 30 years are included in this video. Say what you want about John Cena, that car crash through the glass is one of best WrestleMania entrances of all time.

It’s amazing how each year, the WrestleMania entrances get more insane and over the top. Even for the mid-card guys. Imagine what the WWE has in store for WrestleMania 32 this year, in “The House that Jerry Built.”

[via With Spandex]

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