Aussie Bros Break Guinness World Record For Longest Putt By Sinking One From 395 Feet, Or Do They?

I’ve got some really bad news for these guys… Since the ball wasn’t on the green, I’m pretty sure that their shot technically doesn’t count as a putt. Anyone who knows anything about golf knows that you don’t count any putts from off the green in your putting stats. Amateurs don’t do it. The PGA Tour doesn’t do it. People who play fucking Snake don’t do it. So why does this count as the world’s longest putt when it is, in fact, not a shot that would be recognized as a putt?

What I would like the Guinness World Record people to do is reclassify this as the World’s Most Unlikely Positive Golf Outcome After Making A Horrible Club Choice Given The Ball’s Position In Relation To The Green. Because that is about all this is. And truthfully, it isn’t even that since this probably took 1,000 takes to make the putt.

I know I am a fucking prick for pissing on this Guinness World Record, but to paraphrase the great Walter Sobchak, “this is not ‘Nam, this is golf. There are rules.”