49ers Working To Identify Person That Sent Budda Baker Racist Messages, Ban Them From Games

budda baker racist messages hit on george kittle

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Following the Cardinals’ 24-20 win over the 49ers on Sunday, Arizona safety Budda Baker shared a screenshot of horrible, racist messages he received from a San Francisco fan. The person sent the messages in reaction to Baker’s hit on George Kittle in the second quarter of the game. Kittle jumped up to receive a pass and Baker caught him low in what was an awkward sequence overall.

As Baker shared these messages from user ‘Niners8,’ the 49ers have since responded by putting out a statement saying they “unequivocally denounce the racist messages” sent to the Arizona defender. The team also announced that it is working on finding out who the individual is and banning him from all future 49ers games and events.

One of the many downfalls of social media is that people can hide behind a generic username, a bogus photo, and their phone screen and put whatever they want out into the world, including hateful messages like the ones Baker received. Hopefully, the 49ers can figure out who this person is and slap them with a lifetime ban.

As for the specific play involving Kittle, the 49ers’ tight end did leave the playing field following the hit but did return to play in the second half.