49ers Planned To Sign Retired QB Philip Rivers Had They Beat Eagles In NFC Championship Game

Philip Rivers

Kevin Sullivan/Getty Image

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has confirmed that the team had a contingency plan to sign retired quarterback Philip Rivers to their roster for a potential Super Bowl appearance.

The 49ers first had they emerged victorious in the 2022 NFC Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles, via SFChronicle’s Eric Branch.

According to the report, Rivers was prepared and willing to step onto the field, with the team discussing the possibility of his participation throughout the 2022 season.

Shanahan elaborated on the strategy, stating that the plan had been in consideration for the majority of the year and would have been executed if the team had secured a spot in the Super Bowl.

It’s worth noting that Rivers, a seasoned veteran with a notable career, had retired from professional football prior to the 2022 season. His potential return to the gridiron would have marked a significant storyline and added a layer of intrigue to the Super Bowl spectacle.

While the hypothetical scenario remained unrealized due to the 49ers’ defeat in the NFC Championship game, this revelation offers football enthusiasts a glimpse into the intricate decision-making processes that occur behind the scenes of an NFL franchise, especially during high-stakes playoff scenarios.

The confirmation by Coach Shanahan has sparked discussions among fans, prompting debates about the potential impact of Rivers’ return and the dynamics it could have brought to the championship game.