Video Of 49ers Veterans Pranking Rookies With $15,000 Dinner Tab Goes Viral

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In a lighthearted yet eyebrow-raising episode, veterans from the San Francisco 49ers team played an elaborate prank on their rookies during a recent trip to Las Vegas.

The veterans convinced the rookies that they were on the hook for a staggering $15,000 dinner tab, causing quite a stir among the team members and fans alike.

A video capturing the rookies’ shocked reactions went viral on social media, leaving many to believe that the prank was real.

The video depicted rookies appearing visibly concerned about the hefty bill they were supposedly expected to cover.

However, star 49ers player Deebo Samuel took to Twitter to put the rumors to rest. In a tweet that set the record straight, Samuel admitted that the entire incident was indeed a prank.


According to Samuel, the actual dinner tab was a far cry from the initially claimed $15,000. He stated, “Lol was prank 😂😂 wouldn’t do our two rook wideouts like that funny to see how scared they got though. Tab was only 2500.”

This prank is not the first of its kind from the 49ers. Just last year, the team pulled off a similar stunt, claiming rookies were responsible for a jaw-dropping $322,391 bill.

However, it later came to light that the actual amount was $7,500. Veterans within the team pitched in to cover a portion of the tab, with each contributing $1,000, while the rookies split the remaining $4,500.

Those pranks actually highlight the camaraderie and playful dynamics that exist within the team.

As the 49ers prepare for the upcoming season, the rookies are sure to be more vigilant about any unexpected dinner bills that come their way.