Bro Turns His 1963 VW Bus Into A Hot Rod With 586 Horsepower…Does A 12.2-Second Quarter-Mile, Is Totally Badass

These days most people are scooping up vintage Volkswagen buses to live in them. They’ll convert the buses into mini touring vans/RVs. They then catalog their lives by putting their adventures on Instagram and YouTube using the hashtag #VanLife. If you’ve never browsed around #VanLife videos I suggest doing that because it’s a pretty fascinating lifestyle that’s really catching on, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

Instead of outfitting the 1963 VW Bus as a place to live this bro has added a Big Block engine, juiced it up to 586-horsepower by adding nitrous boosters, and this van supposedly does a 12.2-second quarter mile on the track.

The owner of this unique Volkswagen Bus hot rod is a man by the name of Mike “Hot Rod” Rowan, and he purchased his bus for only $275 after finding it in a field somewhere in Valdosta, Georgia. From there, Mike set about completely overhauling the vehicle and transforming it into the most unique hot rod I’ve ever seen.

At the end of the day, these antique Volkswagen buses aren’t very heavy, so they make for decent overhaul projects. There’s also a literal shit ton of them sitting around junkyards across America, so parts are relatively easy to find. Just remember, if you do decide to take on a project such as this you need to film everything and send me the video for providing you the inspiration.

[h/t GrindTV]