9 Season-Saving Trade Targets in Fantasy Football

Colin Kaepernick (QB – San Francisco) – Yahoo Original Rank: #6 QB, Yahoo Current Rank: #24 QB 

The 49ers have gotten away from what they’re good at, which is running the football. Not only are they not running the read-option as much as they did last year, they’re not running the football enough, period. This should change going forward because the 49ers have not seen success with that gameplan. The schedule also softens up with games against the Rams, Cardinals, Titans, Jaguars, and Panthers in five of the next six games. 

Tony Romo (QB – Dallas) – Yahoo Original Rank: #10 QB, Yahoo Current Rank: #15 QB 

Romo has surprisingly been the model of consistency this year. He’s thrown for at least 200 yards and one touchdown in each game. Quarterbacks have seen their point totals jump in general this season, so Romo hasn’t stood out through three weeks. He also hasn’t been in any shootouts yet and those will come with Denver, Philadelphia, Detroit, and New Orleans on the schedule before Week 11. 

C.J. Spiller (RB – Buffalo) – Yahoo Original Rank: #4 RB, Yahoo Current Rank: #46 RB 

Spiller’s owners are probably frustrated. They were sold a bill of goods that Buffalo was going to use him “until he throws up” and that obviously hasn’t happened. Last week’s production was impacted by a third-quarter thigh injury, but it wasn’t good before then. He’ll bounce back. He’s got too much talent and E.J. Manuel has the offense moving reasonably well. Buy now before he bounces back to his upper echelon running back numbers. 

David Wilson (RB – N.Y. Giants) – Yahoo Original Rank: #13 RB, Yahoo Current Rank: #80 RB 

Things are pretty bad in New York these days. It’s not all Wilson’s fault. He can’t even get out of the backfield on most plays because the offensive line isn’t blocking at all. The Giants have a renowned offensive line coach in Pat Flaherty, and he’ll improve this line. There’s absolutely no talent behind Wilson, so the carries will be his going forward. It’s a bit of a call option, but his value will only go higher.

Darren Sproles (RB – New Orleans) – Yahoo Original Rank: #22 RB, Yahoo Current Rank: #28 RB 

This call is more for PPR leagues, where Sproles is the most valuable. He hasn’t had great games so far, but he’s seeing a reasonable amount of touches and targets. He also hasn’t found the end zone yet and touchdowns will come eventually. He had seven receiving touchdowns each of the last two years and it’s not like his role in the offense has changed. 

Dez Bryant (WR – Dallas) – Yahoo Original Rank: #2 WR, Yahoo Current Rank: #18 WR 

Bryant has had one good game, one average game, and one bad game. Since we’re a week removed from his good games, his owners probably aren’t as high on him as they were seven days ago. His schedule will improve in tandem with Romo’s, which we mentioned above. He also doesn’t face a legitimate shutdown corner the rest of the season. Miles Austin possibly nursing a hamstring injury means more balls for Dez. 

Torrey Smith (WR – Baltimore) – Yahoo Original Rank: #16 WR, Yahoo Current Rank: #27 WR 

You wouldn’t think that he is undervalued if I told you a receiver was on pace for 85 catches for 1,434 yards, however, that’s the case with Smith. Smith hasn’t grabbed any touchdowns through his first three games, so he’s only the 27th-ranked wide receiver. The touchdowns will come because we know he’ll catch some bombs from Joe Flacco this season. 

Hakeem Nicks (WR – N.Y. Giants) Yahoo Original Rank: #18 WR, Yahoo Current Rank: #50 WR 

The guy just caught zero balls in a game. His owners hate him. That won’t continue. Nicks is still the second option in the Giants’ passing game. I already told you the offensive line will improve. You can get him for pennies on the dollar right now and he’s actually healthy! 

Greg Olsen (TE – Carolina) – Yahoo Original Rank: #6 TE, Yahoo Current Rank: #10 TE 

This is the year of the tight end. People love Jordan Cameron and Julius Thomas. Greg Olsen is flying under the radar because he hasn’t been exceptional through three games. He’s still been pretty decent with a minimum of four catches and 50 yards in each game. He’s showing plenty of skill and is still the second option in the passing game. See if Olsen’s owner also employs one of the hot tight ends that will allow him to move Olsen before his value rises.