ESPN Plans To Do An MLB ‘Manningcast’ Spin-Off With Alex Rodriguez And Baseball Fans Are Furious

Baseball Fans React To Alex Rodriguez Getting A 'Manningcast' Spin-Off

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  • Alex Rodriguez is getting his own ‘Manningcast’ type MLB broadcast and baseball fans are not on board.
  • A-Rod will reportedly co-host the show alongside Michael Kay.
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With ESPN’s ‘Manningcast’ with Peyton and Eli Manning this season being so successful, the worldwide leader in sports wants to test the same concept with its baseball broadcasts this upcoming season.

Rule No. 1 for any broadcast to work is that viewers have to enjoy watching and listening to the hosts and ESPN may have forgotten that rule based on the reactions to the news.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, ESPN’s MLB ‘Manningcast’ spinoff will be hosted by Alex Rodriguez and Michael Kay, the TV voice of the New York Yankees. The pair will call anywhere between 10-12 games this upcoming season.

“The exact format of the “Kay-Rod” broadcasts has not been finalized, but presumably will include guests, just like Peyton and Eli,” Marchand writes. “ESPN has been doing alternative “Megacasts” for years, so it has a wide variety of choices to pick out of its bag.”

Even the most casual of baseball fans know that A-Rod isn’t exactly the most beloved guy in the sport, and certainly isn’t the most enjoyable to listen to for four straight hours. Adding Kay to the mix, the voice of one of the most loved and also most hated franchises in all of sports seems like a bold strategy as well.

Baseball fans are not on board with this idea, to put it lightly: