A-Rod Reveals He Has Gum Disease Then Gets Called Out Shilling For A New Drug Company

Alex Rodriguez smiling

Getty Image / John Lamparski

Alex Rodriguez has been in the news this week after publicly feuding with former teammate, Doug Mientkiewicz, but he’s back in the news after revealing a gum disease diagnosis.

It was a weird announcement/revelation from A-Rod. On the one hand, raising awareness about gum disease to normalize conversation around it is a great move from A-Rod.

On the other hand, a press release went out that A-Rod has ‘teamed up’ with OraPharma, a division of Bausch Health Companies Inc. Reading into the press release, this partnership appears to be all about promoting some new drug called ‘Arestin’ that will be used to fight gum disease.

This did not go unnoticed by people who saw A-Rod’s gum disease announcement:

In the video, A-Rod says “I just recently went to see my dentist and not thinking anything about any gum disease. And the dentist tells me the news, and then I come to find out over 65 million Americans have this gum disease.”

Imagine your dentist telling you that you have gum disease and then saying ’65 million people have this.’ At no point in my medical history has a doctor or dentist ever hit me with facts like that during an appointment.

Others took notice:


Gum disease is no laughing matter. WXYZ Detroit has a good rundown on the 4 stages and what to watch out for. A-Rod has ‘early stage’ gum disease, the first of the 4, that is reversible.

Alex Rodriguez is worth an estimated $350 million, by the way.