Aaron Carter Claims He Suffered ‘Mild Concussion’ After Getting Beat Down By Former NBA Player Lamar Odom In Boxing Match

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  • Former NBA player Lamar Odom faced pop star/actor Aaron Carter in a bizarre celebrity boxing match
  • Carter got beat so badly by Odom that he claims he suffered a “mild concussion”
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Aaron Carter got beat down so badly by former NBA player Lamar Odom that he may have suffered a concussion during the fight.

On Friday night, Odom, who had a 10-inch size advantage in the fight, pummeled Carter for two rounds.

After the fight Carter admitted he had a “mild concussion” in an Instagram post but that he still enjoyed himself during the fight.

“Mild concussion but fuck it, it was worth it! Thank you (Celebrity Boxing) and Lamar Odom for such an amazing fight I appreciate you giving me your best! Thank you!”

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