A Writer Had An Absurd Interaction With A Guy Who’s Mad He Has The Same Name As Aaron Gordon

by 3 years ago

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Aaron Gordon is a member of the Orlando Magic who’s probably known best for his insane performance in the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest and breaking the ankles of small children who should know better than to try to defend an NBA player. Kids can be so dumb sometimes.

Aaron Gordon is also a reporter for the Village Voice who just so happens to share a name with the NBA player. On Wednesday, he posted an interaction he had with a guy who slid into his DMs who was pissed the writer had the gall to have the same name. Anyone’s ever been on Twitter knows just how dumb people can be, but this conversation might take the cake.

I really, really want to believe this guy is trolling Gordon, but if I’ve learned anything during my time on the internet, it’s to never underestimate man’s capacity for stupidity.

Word eventually got around to the other Gordon, who seemed thoroughly entertained by the exchange.

I can only hope the guy who complained never reproduces.

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