Aaron Hernandez Drew Illuminati Symbol With His Own Blood, Said He Was Going To ‘Timeless Realm’ Before Death

We’re now getting more details in the suicide of disgraced Pats tight end Aaron Hernandez and things are starting to get creepy.

According to ABC 5, Hernandez used his own blood to draw an Illuminati symbol before his suicide. Hernandez also told his family that “he was entering the timeless realm” in one of the suicide notes he left for them.

Via WCVB 5

Hernandez was found just after 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, hanging from bedsheets that were attached to his cell window. 5 Investigates previously reported that he had written “John 3:16” on his forehead in ink.

Hernandez also used his own blood to draw on the walls of his cell.

5 Investigates’ Kathy Curran has learned that one of the drawings was what’s known as the unfinished pyramid and the all-seeing eye of God. The image is similar to what is found on the back of U.S. currency.

Above the pyramid, Hernandez drew an oval with rays coming from the edges.

5 Investigates has also learned more about the letters left for Hernandez’s family.

In one, he wrote that he was entering the “timeless realm” and would see them in heaven.

5 Investigates previously reported that Hernandez also wrote that he loved his family and told them not to shed a tear.

Near the letters, a Bible was opened to the John 3:16 verse, which reads, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

That sure does sound like someone who was high on synthetic weed.