Flirty Letter From Aaron Hernandez Shows He Has Beautiful Penmanship, Many Penpals




Convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez’s life sentence is off to an eventful start. In addition to multiple prison fights, he’s also staying busy by keeping up on his correspondence.

Here’s a nice handwritten response to a female fan letter. Hernandez starts it off by apologizing for his delay and that he’s inundated with other pen pals.



That in of itself is troubling. Why so many people are cozying up to a convicted killer is a mystery. And this particular gal seems willing to take things up a notch.

The woman who wrote the letter says she hinted that she wanted to visit Hernandez behind bars … to which Aaron responded, “You should have asked, I would have accepted, but don’t regret it, everything happens for a reason 😉 lol”

Oh yeah. Million dollar idea right there.

The scariest part of all this is Hernandez’s penmanship. It looks like he has the freehand of a 12-year-old girl, not of a potential serial killer. Throw in an emoticon and a non-ironic LOL and it becomes clear we’re dealing with a real nutcase.

[H/T: TMZ]

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