Aaron Hernandez Got ‘LIFETIME’ Tattooed On His Neck So That Nobody Forgets How Long He’ll Be In Prison

by 4 years ago

John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Hot off the news that Aaron Hernandez served as a lookout in a prison gang fight, Aaron debuted some fresh ink today during his first court appearance since being convicted of first-degree murder. The new tat is extremely prominent on the right side of Aaron Hernandez‘s neck, and features the word ‘LIFETIME’ accented with some art we can’t quite make out:


There is some speculation (by me and only me) that Aaron Hernandez’s new ‘LIFETIME’ tattoo is actually a living advertisement, and that the Lifetime TV network will be footing all of his legal costs in exchange for the ‘Aaron Hernandez Behind Bars Reality Show: A Caged (Florida) Gator’

As this was the first court appearance from the former Florida Gator and close friend of Urban Meyer, it was pretty damn easy to spot the fresh ink by comparing the side-by-side photos:



I can’t help but think Aaron’s made the correct decision in getting the new ink. As if he wasn’t already in enough danger simply by being a celebrity in prison, he’s decided to go ALL IN and mess around with prison needles. What’s a lifetime sentence if you can pick up HIV or hepatitis within your first few months in the clink? He’s smart to mess around with those prison tats to try and shave a few years off his life, and get his sentence over more quickly.

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