Aaron Hernandez’s Prison Nicknames Have Been Revealed And ‘Big Nose’ Probably Wasn’t His Favorite

John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Earlier today, we posted about the slew of disciplinary problems Aaron Hernandez had while incarcerated at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center. From fist fights to smoking to surprise tattoos to possession of a metal shiv, Hernandez was no stranger to punishment while in the clink.

I take it that the former Patriots tight end didn’t take too kindly to nicknames either, and he was given many. According to official prison documents obtained by TMZ, Hernandez had at least 10 nicknames behind bars, among the following:

— Boom

— Rokk Boy

— Double A

— AA

— Big Nose

— Chico

— A Money

— Can’t Get Right

Although we’re given no context for nicknames like Boom and Rokk Boy, you gotta assume that nicknames like “Big Nose” and “Can’t Get Right” caused Hernandez to throw fists.

No word on whether ‘Dude What Incentive Did You Have To Kill Anyone You Were Just Handed A 40 Million Dollar Contract By The Greatest Franchise In Sports’ was every thrown around as a nickname.

As TMZ points out, the prison records also include part of Aaron’s music playlist — which includes songs by Drake (“U With Me?” and “With You”), Rihanna (“Selfish Girl”, “Unfaithful”) and The Weeknd (“Earned It,” “False Alarm”).

Akon’s “Locked Up” was never made the cut.



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