Aaron Hernandez’s Prison Disciplinary Records Have Been Released And Holy Hell Was He A Punk

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During his year and a half behind bars, Aaron Hernandez had solidified himself as the prison punk.

In a lengthy prison discipline record on Hernandez, which CNN obtained through a public records request, Hernandez racked up about a dozen separate disciplinary offenses between May 2015 and October 2016. Those offenses included three fistfights, two smoking-related issues, two surprise prison tattoos and possession of a nearly six-inch sharpened metal shiv.

Just a month after the former Patriots tight end was imprisoned for murder, a corrections officer wanted to check him for marks and bruising. But, Hernandez had blocked his cell door making it nearly impossible for the guard to enter. When he finally penetrated the doors, the guard observed redness on Hernandez’s knuckles and elbow. As the guard escorted Hernandez to the medical staff, he became “agitated and insolent.”

“You just making up shit,” Hernandez told the guard, CNN reported.

“This place ain’t shit to me,” he barked after a checkup. “I’ll run this place and keep running shit. Prison ain’t shit to me.”

The red marks ended up being the results of one of the many prison brawls Hernandez would engage in during his stint at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center.

After Hernandez was assigned to a new unit, his new cell mate was seen on surveillance trying to shake his hand. Hernandez returned the gesture by punching the inmate in the face, CNN reports. The brawl between the two got so ratchet, guards used a chemical agent to break it up. Both were taken for medical evaluation and placed in segregation.

The final rule Hernandez broke occurred on the morning of April 19 when a guard found a sheet hung in front of Hernandez’s cell door. The guard told Hernandez to remove the sheet or acknowledge his demand. After getting no response, the guard pushed aside the sheet to find Hernandez hanging naked from a bed sheet attached to the window. The door to his cell had been jammed shut with cardboard.

Hernandez’s brain has reportedly been donated to science, so hopefully that leads to some answers as to why a rich man with so much promise would commit these senseless crimes and seemingly learn nothing for his incarceration.

To read all of the many offenses Hernandez was cited for in prison, head over to CNN


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