ESPN Insider Reveals List Of Names Aaron Rodgers Wants The NY Jets To Sign

Aaron Rodgers

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Rumors surrounding Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets have been swirling for weeks. But they’ve reached a fever pitch in recent days, particularly since the NFL Free Agency period began on Monday.

In addition to Aaron Rodgers, Jets fans have suddenly seen their team’s name attached to a handful of free agents. It didn’t take long for NFL fans to connect the dots and slowly but surely, it began to look like New York was reassembling Aaron Rodgers’ offense in Green Bay.

Earlier on Tuesday, PFT‘s Mike Florio reported that Aaron Rodgers “is involved in trying to persuade one or more free agents to join the Jets.”

Now, ESPN’s NFL reporter Dianna Russini has dropped a full list of names that Aaron Rodgers is supposedly actively trying to recruit to join the New York Jets:

The names on this list aren’t surprising. The addition of Odell Beckham Jr is interesting though. He’s an expensive player coming off an injury. It is hard for the Jets to know what they’d be getting there.

The replies to Russini’s tweet are fascinating:

The implication here is that Rodgers is already in charge of the Jets:

This is all a bit perplexing given that Aaron Rodgers is under contract with the Green Bay Packers for three more seasons.

‘Recruiting’ NFL players to another team while under contract with Green Bay would be an unprecedented move…

It does seem as if the New York Jets are close to signing Allen Lazard.

Many believe it’s only a matter of time before Aaron Rodgers makes his Jets announcement. Some speculate that it will happen on the Pat McAfee Show.

One thing is for certain: Aaron Rodgers is only going to make the announcement at the exact time he thinks is right. Which could be weeks from now or it could be at 3 AM tonight.

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