AB Defends His Public Exposure Incident With Bizarre Tweet: ‘Can I Live? Vacation Mode’

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Another bizarre AB tweet is making headlines. Just a few days after exposing himself in a public pool, he hopped on Twitter to defend his actions.

Earlier this week, the former NFL wideout posted the following message on social media.

Ima Rock Star not Football Player

Keep me off the Sports Channel

Can I Live?

Vacation Mode

Cashew King
Cashew new Champagne of Nuts
Cashew the new Cash

Wow. A lot to unpack, here.

Let’s start with the first few lines. Brown says he’s a rock star, not a football player. Oddly, this comes just a day after the wideout begged a team to sign him (while again referencing that public exposure), one of his many attempts to get back in the league.

I’m telling every team that needs an offense to pick up AB.

It’s a wonder he’s still making headlines on the “sports channel.”

But wait, it gets better.

AB defends latest actions in bizarre tweet: “Vacation mode”

The second half of that tweet says, “Can I live? Vacation mode.” Brown must not realize that most people don’t publicly expose themselves and harass guests at a hotel on their typical vacations.

Many online were quick to react.

One Twitter user posted, “Tweeting about nuts is wild considering the circumstances.”

Another person said, “I need a vacation mode.”

Fans can at least agree on one thing. Cashews are the Champagne of Nuts.

Outside of that, not much you can take from this insane tweet.