ABC Suspends Journalist Matt Gutman After He Falsely Reported That Kobe Bryant’s Four Daughters May Have Been Killed In Helicopter Crash


Kobe Bryant and 8 others died on Sunday afternoon in a tragic helicopter accident in Calabasas. As news of Kobe’s death broke there were several false reports that were floated around before all the facts came to light. On of the false reports involved former Lakers Rick Fox being in the crash and the other was made by ABC reporter Matt Gutman who stated live on-air that Kobe’s four daughters were possible on board the helicopter that crashed.

Gutman’s report was proved to be inaccurate a few hours later and today he has been suspended by ABC over the gaffe.


ABC News has suspended Matt Gutman, chief national correspondent, for an inaccurate statement he made on-air Sunday following the death of Kobe Bryant.

“Reporting the facts accurately is the cornerstone of our journalism,” an ABC News spokesperson said in a statement to CNN Business. “As he acknowledged on Sunday, Matt Gutman’s initial reporting was not accurate and failed to meet our editorial standards.”

Gutman has since apologized over his false report.

“We are in the business of holding people accountable. And I hold myself accountable for a terrible mistake, which I deeply regret,” Gutman said Wednesday. “I want to personally apologize to the Bryant family for this wrenching loss and any additional anguish my report caused.”

Hopefully the media learned its lesson during the Kobe news and waits for the facts to come out instead of trying to be first to get the scoop.