Adam Gase Sure Sounds Salty When Asked About Voicing Support For Bringing Back Le’Veon Bell Next Season

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Adam Gase has officially reached peak Fuck It.

Just days after news broke of Gase repeatedly telling people in private that diehard Jets fans don’t matter to him because, and I quote directly from Kenny Powers Adam Gase, “I’m rich as fuck.”

“He’s an insecure guy,” a Jets source told the New York Daily News, a comment that is sure to make Gase exponentially more insecure, so props to this mystery source who gave something for Gase to sob into his millions about for the next 10 years.

Another one of these anonymous sources, this time a Jets player, piled on by claiming Gase has lost the respect of the locker room with his “tough guy bulls–t attitude” and “no one respects Gase.”

Gase put that tough guy attitude on full display when he was asked about Le’Veon Bell back next season.

Remind me never to go to war with Adam Gase. Dude will probably text the enemy my coordinates. In the industry, we call what Gase just did “passing the hat.”

A reporter then asked him why he refuses to show the two-time All Pro–who had finished the season with a MEH 789 rushing yards and four touchdowns–a nod of public support.

Gase could not have been more dismissive if he asked the dude to leave the room.

More sources!

Yeah 4-years and $52.5 million for that kind of production can make grabbing a beer a bit more sticky.

JUST IN: Sources tell me that Adam Gase’s relationship with Bell turned sour when Bell reportedly took a shit in Gase’s shoe. Another source close to the situation claims Bell then made him wear the shoe for an entire practice. They were not able to recovery after the Shit-In-Shoe situation, says my drug dealer.

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