‘Uncle Rico’ Nearly Lost An Eyeball After Being Cleat Stomped During Adult League Football Brawl

I say ‘Uncle Rico’ because if you’re playing in an adult football league chances are you have more than a little in common with the uncle from ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ who maintained he could throw a football over the mountains, and who wouldn’t let go of his glory days on the gridiron.

Aaaaand that’s about all that’s humorous when it comes to this incident that took place in Daytona Beach. A brawl broke out after an adult league football game stemming from a whole lot of finger pointing on why the game was lost and escalated to the point of one player being stomped in the face by another’s cleats and nearly losing his eyeball in the mayhem.

….Just another day of ‘WTFlorida News’ being made by ‘Florida Man‘….

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports:

An adult amateur football game turned violent when members of the losing team fought among each other.

The victim, Eugene Butler, 36, of Sanford, almost lost his right eye after police said suspect Michael Hewett, 26, stomped Butler in the face with one of his football cleats. Butler could not be reached for comment Monday, but the coach for the team — the Seminole Mambas — said Butler was punched by one player and stomped in the face by Hewett of Deltona after the Feb. 21 football game at Derbyshire Park, the reports show. The other player was identified as 21-year-old Avery Harris of Daytona Beach.

“There was finger pointing and blame (among teammates),” coach Chris Herring said. Both Hewett and Harris have been kicked off the Mambos roster, Herring said.

To nearly kick out a grown man’s eyeball after an ‘adult league football game’ you either have to be on intravenous Vitamin-S and all sorts of jacked up, or some special breed of moron who deserves jail time.

It’s a fucking GAME. It’s a game where the best case scenario is a trophy, and even that is unlikely. Chances are if you win the league you end up with a congratulatory email and that’s it. But now these man is looking at serious jail time after losing his cool like Uncle Rico….

Just think, this could’ve been you if you didn’t lose your temper:

Instead you ended up like the most hated man in Westeros:

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