Al Michaels Under Fire Over Deshaun Watson Comment During Amazon’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ Game


Al Michaels is currently catching heat for his comment about Deshaun Watson during Amazon’s Thursday Night Football game.

Before halftime of the Steelers-Browns game, Michaels and sideline reporter Kaylee Hartung reported on Watson’s suspension.

After Hartung revealed that Watson had several stipulations to return to field, Michaels quipped, “if 230 million guaranteed doesn’t motivate you to do the things you need to do, then I give up.”

Fans went on to blast Michaels over his Watson comment on Twitter.

“This Thursday Night Football broadcast just went through Deshaun Watson’s whole suspension timeline and didn’t mention a detail about him sexually assaulting 20+ women. And Al Michaels referenced his contract as a way to motivate him to “do what you need to do.Garbage.”

“What a truly insensitive comment from Al Michaels about the Deshaun Watson situation. And yet it won’t be the last. Educate yourselves or just don’t talk. It’s so exhausting all the time.”

“Al Michaels saying “If $230 million doesn’t motivate you to do what you need to do then I don’t know what to tell you” when talking about Deshaun Watson assaulting women is all kinds of nasty”

“Hope no one let’s al michaels get away with the comment about Deshaun Watson’s “rehab” program participation should be motivated by the money.”

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