The National Title Is Cool, But Bama’s Assistant Coaches Just Scored Some Insane Bonuses That Are Cooler


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After a battle against the Clemson Tigers to win the national title last night, the Alabama Crimson Tide community is probably still partying and celebrating its fourth national title in seven years under head coach Nick Saban.

And while Lord Saban is the leader of the Tide program, his assistant coaches are critical in helping make key decisions in tough moments—like that onside kick call last night, which, I’m sure, his coaches whispered in Saban’s ear to try.

With so much responsibility and influence on the best football program in the country, you know those assistants are going to get paid handsomely—but you won’t believe how much their bonuses were after grabbing the national championship last night.

According to USA Today’s Steve Berkowitz, nine on-field Bama coaches earned a total of $1.1 million in bonuses, with defensive coordinator Kirby Smart getting $250,000 and offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin cashing in with $150,000.

Hell, even the fucking strength and conditioning coach—who beefs up those five-star recruits into full-grown men to dominate the Tide’s opponents—is getting a check for $92,400.

While it’s the players who are doing the dirty work and busting their asses on the field, their coaches are reaping the benefits byway of cold hard cash—which a few people are pointing out with a little poke at the fact no student-athlete is getting paid.

Look, I don’t know if college athletes should be paid or not. What I do know is that no Bama coach probably cares to even think about that as they drive a luxury car to the bank to cash the fuck out—but I’m sure they’ve thanked their players for the win.

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