Let’s Watch An Alabama Fan Get Absolutely Wrecked By Cop For Throwing Shit

Alabama fans did not handle their team’s heartbreaking 23-17 loss to Ole Miss very well, but this fella took his frustrations out by throwing trash onto the field. Not the smartest or most environmentally friendly way to show your displeasure in your previously undefeated team’s lackluster effort. And it turns out that the Oxford Police Department have hefty fines for littering.

Littering and… Littering and… Littering and… getting clotheslined.

I really enjoy the reaction of the Alabama kid in this video next to the litterbug; he nonchalantly continues to watch the game as if the guy who was next to him didn’t just get nearly decapitated by the cop.

And to add insult to injury here’s Jim Ross calling the “Clothesline from Hell.”



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