Alabama Officials, Players, And Nick Saban’s Daughter Rip Fans For Not Social Distancing

Alabama AD Players Sabans Daughter Rip Non Social Distancing Fans

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While the Big Ten and Pac 12 have already gone ahead and canceled the 2020 football season in their conferences (with plans to play in the spring), the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 are soldiering on with the idea that they will somehow still be able to have games this fall.

Good luck with that.

Because over the weekend, with zero college football games on the schedule, many of the fine folk of Tuscaloosa already showed that they have zero interest in following any sort of social distancing guidelines.

That photo, shared by Cecil Hurt of the Tuscaloosa News, caught the attention of many involved in the Crimson Tide football program, and needless to say, they were not happy.

Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne was one of the first to respond, writing, “Who wants college sports this fall? Obviously not these people! We’ve got to do better than this for each other and our campus community. Please wear your masks!”

Crimson Tide center Chris Owens also chimed in, asking fans if it was too much to ask for people to social distance and wear masks.

(Yes, Chris. Yes, it is.)

Even Bama head coach Nick Saban fired off a shot at the Tuscaloosa residents who aren’t following protocol.

Saban’s daughter Kristen was also ticked off with what she saw and the fact that people were somehow blaming her dad, writing, “And to the next person who tells me ‘well your dad should do a PSA’…We put out TWO PSA’s in March. One from our foundation and one from the football account. If you didn’t pay attention, that’s your problem. This isn’t his responsibility, it’s your own.”

As Kirk Herbstreit said when he saw the photo, it just goes to show everyone how low the chances are that anyone is going to be playing college football this fall.

He’s right. It is just beginning. And by beginning, I mean some of the best college football players SEC, Big12 and ACC are already bailing on the 2020 season.