Alabama Basketball Social Media Completely Ignored Brandon Miller’s Monster Performance

Brandon Miller

Getty Image / Johni Broome

Amidst controversy over his alleged involvement in a murder allegedly committed in January by teammate Darius Miles in Tuscaloosa, Alabama forward Brandon Miller has been at the center of a media firestorm this week.

It’s become the biggest story in sports, as official testimony revealed that Miller had the murder weapon in his possession, a gun belonging to Miles, shortly before the death of Jamea Harris. This sparked huge media attention and brought a case that was already receiving media attention.

Miller is the star player of the second-ranked Alabama basketball team, and the freshman is considered talented enough to possibly be selected in the top five of the upcoming NBA Draft. But, his alleged involvement in this tragedy casts doubt on all of that.

But, Alabama has refused to suspend their star player, citing law enforcement authorities saying he cannot be charged with any crimes. That has not stopped national criticism surrounding the case, especially when Alabama coach Nate Oats chalked up Miller’s involvement to “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The Crimson Tide had a game to play Wednesday night, on the road at South Carolina. And, Miller was tremendous. He had 41 points, made the game-tying basket in regulation and the game-winning basket in overtime to give Alabama a 78-76 win.

Now, you’d think, given that Alabama has refused to suspend Miller, the official team Twitter account would have been promoting his legendary performance. You thought wrong. Despite his sensational game, they never tweeted about Miller once.

After Miller tied the game late in regulation, there was no mention of him on their Twitter.

And, after his sensational drive to the basket to give the Tide the lead with 0.8 seconds left, also, no mention of him.

And, no mention of his career night, one of the best games played in program history.

To me, either the guy did nothing wrong and thus should be playing and be treated as a normal player, or he did something wrong and he should be suspended. It appears Alabama wants to have it both ways. It’s not going to work.