Alabama’s Brandon Miller Responded To Controversy With Legendary Game

Brandon Miller

Getty Image / Allen Flanigan

Alabama freshman forward Brandon Miller has been in the news this week for his involvement in a deadly January 15th shooting where teammate Darius Miles allegedly shot and killed 23-year-old Jamea Harris in Tuscaloosa.

Details came out this week that Miller allegedly drove Miles’ gun to Miles shortly before the shooting. Prosecutors have stated that Miller did not break any laws and is not a suspect for any crimes.

Still, there was a ton of outrage on social media this week when it became apparent that Alabama Coach Nate Oats would allow Miller to play this week.

Play he did. There’s no doubt that Miller playing is morally questionable. But, it’s also without question that he was dynamite Wednesday night against South Carolina. Miller had 41 points and 8 rebounds on 14/25 shooting. And, he had the game-tying and game-winning baskets. #2 Alabama won 78-76.

Man, if it wasn’t for the very bad stuff he is allegedly involved in, it would have been a legendary performance. But, Miller may have done the Streisand Effect on himself here. Him going off for 41 is only going to make everyone talk about him more tomorrow.

Here is what Twitter is saying.

This is such a terrible situation all around. Thoughts go to the Harris family, whose death was far too premature.