Albert Haynesworth Blasts Commanders Legends For Being ‘Trash’

Former Commanders player Albert Haynesworth

Getty Image / Benjamin Solomon

Remember back in the early 2000s when Albert Haynesworth was a complete monster of a defensive tackle for the Tennessee Titans?

Then shortly after he signed a monster (for that time) seven year $100 million contract with the, then, Washington Redskins?

Well, after he signed that deal, Haynesworth became one of the biggest liabilities on that team. So much so, that the franchise cut him just two years into his seven year deal.

Many NFL fans have him ranked as one of, if not, the biggest free agent bust in league history.

Having said that, the former NFL player sat down for an interview with OutKick. Albert Haynesworth was asked about the current state of the Washington Commanders.

He actually only had nice things to say about Dan Snyder. Meanwhile, Haynesworth took the opportunity to also call out some franchise legends.

Listen to the interview for yourself, as the former star defensive tackle called out DeAngelo Hall, Clinton Portis, and Chris Cooley for being “trash.”

Those three players Albert Haynesworth just blasted are literal legends of the Commanders franchise.

A simple Google search will reveal that Hall, Portis, and Cooley contributed substantially more than Haynesworth ever did for Washington.

Now look, you can sit there and claim that Haynesworth knows these guys better than we do. Which is true. However, is Albert Haynesworth really the best guy to call out franchise legends?

Regardless, Commanders fans didn’t hold back, as they were clearly upset with Haynesworth’s comments.

Yeah. Pretty much.

Boom. Roasted.

What a wild place we live in.

Just a bizarre statement from Haynesworth. Luckily the fanbase isn’t letting him forget anything.