Arrested For Hit & Run, DUI, And Vandalism Isn’t How The 49ers Wanted You To Show Up To Minicamp, Aldon Smith!


Los Angeles Police Department

UPDATE: As of Friday afternoon at 3pm, Sportscenter is reporting the San Francisco 49ers have cut Aldon Smith in the wake of yet another arrest.

This one is definitely not in the San Francisco 49ers playbook. At it once more, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested (again) on Thursday night in Santa Clara, California, in connection with charges of a hit & run, DUI, and vandalism. Because once you’ve racked up one, why not go for the trifecta?

This is the same dude that felt it necessary to make bomb threats in an airport last year, so well played, Aldon Smith. In a contract year nonetheless! Show ’em you really want it, son!

Per Bleacher Report:

After serving a nine-game suspension last season for violating the NFL’s personal conduct and substance abuse policies, Smith is once again making headlines for the wrong reasons.

According to Matt Keller of ABC 7 in the San Francisco Bay Area, the 25-year-old star was arrested and jailed Thursday night in Santa Clara, California.

Keller also provided a look at the booking information on Twitter:


It’s expected that Smith will be released at some point today, easily posting that bail courtesy of the $300,000 roster bonus he JUST received a few days ago. Proof that you can be filthy rich and exceptionally gifted athletically, yet still not competent enough to use your Uber app when you should.

The NFL has yet to comment on Aldon Smith’s arrest, but let’s be honest, as long as there were no deflated footballs in his car when he was stopped, the suspension has to be less than 4 games, right?

[h/t Bleacher Report]