Astros Star Alex Bregman Calls Out The NCAA Over Its Really Dumb New Hit-By-Pitch Rule Change

Alex Bregman Calls Out NCAA Over Dumb New Hit-By-Pitch Rule Change

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Alex Bregman, the 24-year-old All-Star infielder for the Houston Astros, knows a thing or two about baseball – especially college baseball.

While playing baseball in college for LSU, Bregman was named the 2013 National Freshman of the Year – winning the Shortstop of the Year Award, was voted first-team All-American in 2015, and was one of four finalists for the 2015 Golden Spikes Award.

So when he rips the NCAA for a rule change he thinks is stupid (and it is), he would know.

On Sunday, Bregman re-tweeted a video of a Duke batter being hit by a pitch during a game versus the University of Virginia. Why? Because the batter was… called out. Seriously. That’s something that can happen in NCAA baseball now.

According to, the NCAA instituted a rule hit-by-pitch rule change for the 2019 and 2020 seasons that reads like this…

​​”To penalize the batter with a strike and not award first base if, in the judgement of the umpire, the batter makes an intentional movement to be hit by a pitch, regardless of where the pitch is located.”

Rationale: “To provide guidance in enforcing the hit by pitch rule and to deter batters from attempting to be hit by the pitch. “Freezing” by a batter is not considered making an intentional movement. A batter who freezes inside the batter’s box and who is hit by a pitch shall be awarded first base.”

Let’s take another look – freeze-framed…

Then, after reviewing the call… they upheld it.

When did the NCAA begin hiring NFL referees to umpire baseball games?


On the plus side, at least this hit-by-pitch call didn’t end the damn game.