Tennis Player Shatters Three Different Racquets As Crowd Members Boo Him Off The Court

Alexander Bublik returns a serve.

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Tennis star Alexander Bublik lost his mind on the court at the Open Sud de France. In his most recent matchup against Gregoire Barrere, he was seen smashing not one, not two, but three racquets.

The clip of Bublik’s mid-set meltdown has now gone viral, and it has fans reacting online.

The sixth-seeded Bublik won the event in France last year, and he hoped to defend that crown in 2023. Unfortunately, an early upset derailed those plans.

After jumping out to a lead in the final set against Barrere, the train came flying off the tracks. Bublik built a 4-2 lead in that deciding round, but then watched it slowly slip away.

A trio of double faults were the main culprit as he didn’t even give himself a chance to score. He then lost control of his emotions, taking his frustrations out on his tennis racquet(s).

Five slams to the ground did enough damage to successfully demolish the first racquet, but he wasn’t quite done. After walking off the court, he went straight to his bag to inflict pain on a pair of backup racquets.

Check out the video below.

You can hear the commentator say, “The good news is he’s got plenty more,” after seeing Bublik eviscerate his first racquet. He quickly eats those words as the rage continued onto the sidelines.

Fans were quick to react on social media.

One person wrote, “The perks of having all your equipment provided to you for free by your sponsors.”

Another said, “Feel sorry for the other 2 racquets, just minding their own business.”

Bublik would lose the deciding set, giving the booing crowd a new meaning for the term ‘upset.’ His Open Sud de France championship defense has come to a disappointing end, but at least he went out with a bang.

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