Alexander Ovechkin Has The Worst Golf Swing In America (Even Worse Than Charles Barkley), Painful To Watch

Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin has had an incredible career thus far in the NHL. He’s led the league in scoring six times and holds the record for the most NHL goals scored by a Russian-born player. You cannot take anything away from his achievements on the ice, but when it comes to the golf course I’m willing to make the claim that Alexander Ovechkin has the worst swing in America.

For comparison, here’s Charles Barkely‘s swing:

One of my colleagues disagrees with my assessment and claims that Charles Barkley’s swing is worse because Ovi’s was ‘way more fluid’, so I’ve thrown up a Twitter poll so you bros can decide which golf swing is worse, Alexander Ovechkin or Charles Barkley:

I’m not here to influence your vote, that would be wrong, but I will say that if Alexander Ovechkin’s ever wronged your favorite NHL team then you clearly need to vote Barkley here!

UPDATE: One reader hit me up on Twitter with a video from Alex Ovechkin’s rookie season that shows him getting a hole-in-one on the VERY FIRST DAY that Ovi ever swung a golf club. I’m still somewhat skeptical that he got the hole-in-one, but he does swear on his mother and his home that it was legit. You can watch that VIDEO HERE and judge for yourself.

…(h/t SI’s Extra Mustard)…