Olympian Finds Intriguing Source Of Income To Fund Her 2024 Summer Games Dream

Speed skater Alexandra Ianculescu competes for Romania at the 2018 Olympics.

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Alexandra Ianculescu has already participated in the Olympics once, suiting up for Romania’s speed skating team in 2018. Now, she’s hoping to become one of the few Olympians to compete in both the Winter and Summer Games.

Ianculescu has turned her attention to the 2024 Olympics, which will be held in Paris. She’s looking to compete for Canada’s cycling team.

In order to achieve the dream, though, she’s turning to an interesting outlet. That outlet refers to the source of income she’s using to fund her training and preparations.

Ianculescu started an OnlyFans account in 2021. She says that the site funds her dream “fully 100%.” Previously, she’d worked as a personal trainer, but time constraints with training forced her to take a different route.

The Olympian previously competed as a speed skater, though her path to the Winter Games wasn’t conventional. She was actually a late call-up after originally being told she didn’t qualify.

The late start gave her just four weeks to gear up for the Olympics, and her performance reflected the shortened practice window. Ianculescu finished last in her event.

“You can’t sharpen your knife last minute,” she said. “I got off the ice and started crying. I knew that it wasn’t the best I could do.”

Ianculescu isn’t letting it happen again. She’s beginning her preparations early, a necessity considering the switch from speed skating to cycling.

And with that switch comes double training sessions, as well as hours on the bike and in the gym. Those extra sessions have added to her expenses as she preps for the Summer Games.

To cover those costs, Alexandra Ianculescu is using her site to sell access to photos.

In a pinned Instagram post from November of 2022, she talked about the decision to use OnlyFans.

“I figured it was an appropriate post to share today as I keep getting asked about it,” Ianculescu began. “Last summer I decided to start this account since I kept getting crazy amounts of ‘likes’ on bikini photos and people would suggest selling them on this platform. I thought it was the biggest joke and didn’t want to be seen as someone that was known for selling ‘bikini shots’, considering I worked so hard as athlete, worked hard to have an education, speak multiple languages and truly love the image of myself that I created and respected.

“With that being said, after making money in my first month on there, it has totally changed my life for the better… I enjoy training full time now, affording trips to places I never dreamed on going to anytime soon, buying my dream bikes, saving for my dream car(s), and being able to enjoy it in a way where I don’t have to sacrifice my athletic life to work 3 part time jobs like I used to in the past, while pursuing Olympic Dreams.”

While the account certainly presented a change to her income, it didn’t differ much from her personal life. She says she’s always posted photos of her either working out or enjoying time at the beach. Now, she just gets paid for them.

“I was like, ‘People actually pay for that?’ I like my body. I want to post it anyway… I’ll give myself one month and see how it goes. And it was crazy!”

Alexandra Ianculescu continues her training for the Summer Olympics. We’ll see if the new source of income helps fund a successful trip to Paris.