This Vine of Allen Iverson Outsmarting Dwight Howard Will Never Get Old

This clip of an incredible exchange between Allen Iverson and Dwight Howard several years ago is once again making the rounds today. There. There’s your news peg. Now I’m going to post it because it’s downright awesome.


At some point in his career, Howard took up the habit of grabbing shots at the basket after play was whistled dead — a practice made famous by Kevin Garnett.

At some point in his career, Iverson took up the habit of shooting. Shooting a lot.

So, as you can see, these two were bound to collide. And they did.

After the then-Orlando Magic big man blocked Iverson’s first dead-ball attempt, the then-Philadelphia 76ers guard had a crafty workaround. Iverson’s next attempt was arced a good 25 feet into the air, thus making it impossible for Howard to block. Because Iverson was the best, the ball comes rocketing down right into the center of the net.

Although no points were awarded, it’s still one of the more impressive in-game buckets of the modern era.

[H/T: Dime Magazine]