Alvin Kamara And Leonard Fournette React To Getting Smoked By Saquon Barkley In Side-By-Side 40-Yard Dash Comparison Video

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Saquon Barkley is a freak of nature and is currently crushing the NFL combine. Barkley’s combine workout has gone so well for him that people are saying that the Browns should take a hard look at him and consider picking him up at #1.

Barkley seems like he would be genuinely stoked if he were picked by the Browns #1 overall.


When asked Thursday whether he’d be all right with joining the beleaguered Cleveland Browns, Barkley told reporters, “That’d be awesome. Something bigger than you.”

The physical marvel continued, “If you go to a team like that, obviously, they’ve had some rough years, but I think they’re just a couple of pieces away. They do have a lot of young talent. They’ve brought in a new offensive coordinator. They only won one game, but they were in a lot of games.”

After Barkley crushed the 40-yard dash today, the NFL network put up a side-by-side comparison video of the Penn State standout running against NFL running backs Ezekiel Elliott, Alvin Kamara and Leonard Fournette and he smoked them all.

Both Alvin Kamara and Leonard Fournette had hilarious reactions to the video.

No matter who picks Barkley, the dude is going to crush it.