Amanda Nunes Revealed What She Told Ronda Rousey In The Cage After Beating Her Senseless At UFC 207

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After putting a VERY quick end to the long-awaited return of Ronda Rousey, UFC champion Amanda Nunes had a few words for the “Rowdy” one in the octagon at UFC 207.

Here’s what Nunes had to say to the former champ, according to MMA Fighting

I told her: “You did a lot for the sport. You did a lot, but now you can take time and do something else. You don’t need to keep doing that (sic).”

As for whether Rousey will be back? Nunes doubts it.

She is a millionaire already why would she want to keep doing that? Why would she want to keep getting hurt?

So why did Rousey decide to just stand there and get pummeled? Nunes has a pretty good idea.

“I knew [Rousey] was going to to strike with me, because she thinks it because her boxing coach told her she has good striking,” Nunes said. “I knew she was going to strike a little bit with me, but when I started to connect with some punches I knew she would want to start to clinch with me.”

Not hard to figure out when almost all of the pre-fight video we saw of Rousey was of her practicing her striking (and looking really bad doing it).

Nunes also said that she thinks Rousey’s team deluded her into thinking that she could go toe-to-toe rather than using the judo skills that made her 12-0 at one point.

“Yeah, because she thinks that she’s a boxer, you know?” she said. “He like put this thing in her head and make the girl believe in that. I don’t know why he did that. She have great judo, and she can go far in this division, but he put some crazy thing about boxing, and her career started to go down. And if I win that, I am the real striker. This is the only thing I wanted to look at him, to say it.”

Even Nunes’ coach blames Rousey’s team and especially her coach Edmond Tarverdyan for their misguided plan.

At this point, perhaps Rousey, who will turn 30 on February 1st, would be wise to take her mom’s advice now and let other ‘stupid people get punched in the face.”

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