Amazing Kid Gives Classmate A Pair Of LeBrons After Being Mocked For His Shoes

If this video doesn’t give you the chills and get you at least a little choked up, your heart was probably ripped out in “The Temple of Doom” and unceremoniously tossed into a recycling bin. Because this thoughtful young fella — who can’t be older than 10 — was kind enough to gift his classmate with a pair of LeBrons exactly one day after being mocked for the shoes he was wearing. Unbelievable.

The way he casually says “no problem” at the end, as though he does things like this every day, is the perfect touch. This dude is suaver than Fabio.

Kids can be cruel and they can also be amazing.

There are millions of grown adults who could learn a lot just by watching this brief video.

[h/t Bleacher Report, Complex]

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