NFL Analyst Expecting To See Surprising Quarterback Drop In NFL Draft

NFL Draft stage

Getty Image / David Becker

Early on in this year’s NFL offseason, it looked like the top 4 quarterbacks in the NFL Draft would be coming off the board very quickly.

Many were predicting Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Will Levis would all be gone within the top 5 picks.

Things have gotten a bit murkier for the QB class recently.

The Houston Texans now might not even end up drafting a quarterback. The Panthers are the only team that has traded into the top 5 to take a QB.

With the QB market in this draft seemingly cooling off as the draft approaches, it looks like we could see at least one of them fall out of the top 10.

According to NFL analyst Todd McShay, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Anthony Richardson still available at pick 12.

Projections for Anthony Richardson have been all over the place throughout the pre-draft process.

At one point there was a report that some teams didn’t even have a 1st round grade on Richardson. Meanwhile multiple teams in the top 10 had reportedly been impressed with him at his Pro Day.

Even with the recent sentiment on the quarterbacks in this draft class, it still seems like it would be somewhat surprising to see Richardson fall to 12. That would require him to fall past the Raiders, Falcons, Colts, and Titans, whose futures at QB are all murky.

If it actually happened, it would make the Texans considering not taking a QB at 2 look a lot better, but expecting Richardson to be there past the top 10 would still seem to be a pretty big risk.

It’s looking like things could get very interesting for quarterbacks at this year’s NFL Draft.