Anderson Silva On His UFC London Loss To Michael Bisping: ‘Like In Brazil, Total Corruption’

Anderson Silva was handed his first ever loss by decision at UFC London, where he squared off with Michael Bisping. Despite absolutely pummeling the Brit into a bloody pulp, Silva was ousted by the narrowest of margins, 48-47, in what many see as the pitfall in UFC’s scoring system.

Like, how can a guy whose face was beaten so badly it looked LIKE THIS actually still win the fight!?

Well, one of my fellow colleagues put it best, saying “It’s a quirk in the 10-9 system, Bisping won more rounds but Silva won his rounds by more if that makes sense.” Unfortunately, it does.

But not so much to Anderson Silva, who was quick to draw a parallel of corruption in his native Brazil to the UFC judges’ decision during a post-fight interview.

“Here’s the deal, you can’t win one way, they try to take it away the other way. That’s it,” Silva said in Portuguese after his first decision loss in the UFC. “You saw how that went, right? So, there’s nothing left to say. I fought for you, and that’s it. Thank you for the support. My family, I’m coming back home, I’m fine. Mission accomplished, mission given, but sometimes it’s like in Brazil, total corruption.”

Silva now dropped to 33-7 with one no-contest in his MMA career, going winless in his last four UFC bouts. Bisping, who remains unbeaten when fighting in England, improved to 28-7 with his third straight victory.

Admittedly, as quite the amateur fan to the sport, I thought that Silva won the contest handily as well, given the state of Bisping’s face. Although, the gushing cut beneath left eye was crazy controversial, occurring at the buzzer of round three when Silva caught him with a springing knee kick as Bisping was motioning to the ref to return the mouth guard he’d dropped prior.

But hey, both of these talented fighters live to battle it out in the Octagon another day. And there’s no denying UFC Fight Night 84 was decent watch.

Side note: literally incredible that Anderson Silva went 5 solid rounds at the age of FORTY.