Andrew Bogut Celebrated Steph Curry’s 3-Pointer Before He Even SHOT It Because Life Is Good At 56-6

It would seem downright impossible for the 56-5 Warriors to get any more confident than they already are. They’re loose, they’re laughing, they’ve won FORTY-FIVE straight games at home, and really don’t seem to be worried about very much at all.

Then, this happened. Check out Andrew Bogut here, already charging to the other end of the court with his hand proudly raised in celebration BEFORE Steph Curry even shoots the goddamn ball.

Now that’s confidence. A whole new level of confidence. It’s also completely ridiculous.

Any thoughts on Bogut’s antics, Steph?

Me too, Steph. Me too.

That laugh just about sums up this entire season for the Golden State Warriors. They’re so much better than everyone else, Steph Curry can barely maintain his composure.

[H/T Complex]