Andrew Bogut’s Tweets About The Horrible Accommodations In Rio Are Comedy Gold

Andrew Bogut is an 11-year NBA vet so he’s seen a lot over his career. What he hasn’t seen apparently is accommodations like those at the Olympic Village in Rio.

Earlier it was reported that the Australian athletes refused to stay in the “uninhabitable” rooms, but Bogut and his teammates have apparently made the move. This has led to him sending out a series of tweets that are both ridiculous as well as hilarious regarding his accommodations.

Yes, he had to make his own shower curtain.

Could be worse, I guess. He could have a room that has a picturesque view of the stream of human waste near the Olympic Village.

Of course, the really important people at the Games don’t have it nearly as rough.

But hey, at least there is signage to help you out when you use the bathroom…

Oh, don’t worry, Andrew, we most definitely will.

H/T The Big Lead

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