Andrew Luck Admits That He Was Pretty Bad Last Season Even Before He Got Hurt

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts

I’m a Giants fan, so Andrew Luck‘s not really in my orbit. Yes, there is the Colts-Giants rivalry, but that pretty much died when Peyton went to Denver. Also, I don’t consider a matchup-a rivalry if one of the team sucks, much like the Colts did last year. Even though they ended 8-8, their season started as a dumpster fire fueled by hot garbage. Before he suffered a season-ending kidney injury (which sounds like a nightmare, in my opinion), he was rocking a 4-5 record with a 2-5 record as a starter. Definitely worth the money. Well, Luck weighed in yesterday during an interview, admitting that he hadn’t been playing too hot even before he got injured.

Via ProFootballTalk:

“Injuries aside, I was not playing very good football — before they happened. I’ve got to be better. Toward my last couple games I felt like I was playing much better, trending in the right direction.”

“Trending in the right direction”? If I was a Colts fan, I’d write this guy 35,000 letters with the words “Suck a fuck” written in cat shit. Why 35,000? Because that statement above contains 35 words. Listen, everyone has bad games. I get that. However, I’m of the opinion that professional athletes shouldn’t be allowed to have bad seasons. They’re getting paid way too much money to have an off year. Marriages and friendships have tough years. Professional athletes don’t. If I was the king of the world, any athlete that had an off year would be deprived of food for the year and have to spend one month in the dungeons for every interception they threw. Oh yeah, I’d also bring back the dungeons.

“Oh, but Luck didn’t play that bad.” Yes he did.

Via FoxSports:

“He threw the 12th-most interceptions in the league despite only playing seven games, had a career-low 74.9 passer rating, and completed just 55.3 percent of his passes.”

Listen, maybe I’m being a bit hard on Luck. There are plenty of QBs who had worse seasons, like Manziel. But I don’t expect much from guys like him. I don’t go into a season saying “Man, I can’t wait to see how awesome Johnny plays this year. This is the year.” I do expect a lot from Caveman Luck. And I’m not even a fan. So if he’s out here saying he played badly and he knows it, someone has to kick him in the ass. Which, luckily for Colts fans, shouldn’t be too hard, considering of how good he was in seasons past. Otherwise…dungeons.

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