Colts QB Andrew Luck Is Completely Jacked Now, Still Hasn’t Thrown A Football In Months

andrew luck body transformation jacked

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Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, while a very good football player, never really struck me the most athletic dude in the world. Sure, he was tough, could run a little and had a solid arm, but he was never very muscular.

Now, however, after missing the entire 2017 NFL season, Luck must have been REALLY hitting the weights during his rehab because bro looks like a completely different man. A man, who, dare I say, is jacked?

Here’s what Luck looked like during his last active NFL season, 2016…

andrew luck body transformation jacked

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And here’s what Luck looks like now…

Bro is looking swole.

Of course, the Colts still don’t know with 100 percent certainty that Andrew Luck will ever play again at the level he was at before, if at all.

It’s now been seven months since he actually threw a pass with a regulation football during a Colts practice.

But don’t worry, Colts fans, go ahead and get those season tickets (hold off on those lawsuits) with the promise that Luck will most likely be able to throw a football soon, according to new head coach Frank Reich.

ESPN reported last week that Reich says Luck “will likely ramp up his throwing between the end of mandatory minicamp on June 14 and the start of training camp in late July.”

Everybody in the Colts organization — from owner Jim Irsay to Luck — feels confident that their franchise quarterback will play in 2018 after he missed all of last season following his shoulder surgery in January 2017. Reich calmly said he’s “not worried at all” when asked if he had concerns about Luck not throwing yet despite training camp being about two months away.

“I’m completely comfortable with him throwing when he’s ready, when the doctors say he’s ready,” Reich said. “I’ve been around long enough. He’s been around the league a little bit. He’s totally engaged in every aspect of what we’re doing mentally. The physical part for a guy like him, I think you have to work at it, but I’m not worried about that. I’m comfortable with the process that’s in place.”

15 months have passed since Luck had shoulder surgery and he still isn’t allowed to throw a football in practice, but yeah, no worries. Look how buff he is now!