This Video of Andrew Wiggins Jumping Ridiculously High Shows He’s As Good As the Hype

Admission–while knowing full well that this guy must always be discussed in all capital letters, I had never watched any TV or interent video of Wiggins. As a person who spends too much time on the internet, this sometimes happens–you have to pick and choose what things you want to care about, and there's a weird, but considerable deal of pride that goes with holding out on something. I.e, when Gangnam Style happened, the majority of our great staff individually decided to ignore watching it for a pretty respectable amount of time.

You could argue this is terrible journalism blogging, but even the mightiest of alcoholics may never touch a certain drink. As some technically successful tool has probably once said, you've gotta focus on your “beat.”

Anyway, this was my first time watching Andrew Wiggins. It was sorta like watching a movie that you knew was gonna be good, but had no idea it was this good. Looks like he's playing on a 7 foot hoop. What a goddam freak. 

[H/T: Bleacher Report]