Andy Dalton Is Getting Brutalized On Twitter After Another Abysmal Performance In Last Night’s Loss

by 2 years ago

Andy Dalton had another despicable night en route to a 13-9 loss to a Houston team that got waxed to Jacksonville just days prior. Dalton had fans begging for A.J. McCarron after posting the following stat line:

36-of-66, 394 yards, 0 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 2 fumbles

Dalton is the first QB since 2011 to have 0 TDs and 4+ interceptions in the first two games of the season. With no touchdowns, fewer than 200 yards passing per game, and a passer rating of 47.2, the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback is behind every other NFL QB other than Scott Tolzien.

The 29-year-old TCU alum is now tasked with taking down the almighty Packers at Lambeau Field next Sunday. And if he stands a snowballs chance in hell at defeating the Pack, he should stay off social media for the time being…

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