Andy Reid Accidentally Disrespects Jordan Love During Awkward Exchange At Coaches Meeting

Green Bay Packers Jordan Love

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In 2020, the Green Bay Packers seemed to find the apparent successor to Aaron Rodgers after they selected Jordan Love with the 26th overall pick in the NFL Draft.

It’s a bit hard to ignore the ramifications of that move, as Rodgers hinted he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the franchise’s decision to use a first-round selection to scoop up a QB just a few months after he’d led them to the NFC Championship.

It’s a bit difficult to know just how much credence should be given to various reports that have suggested Love’s addition has been the source of a fair amount of internal friction in Green Bay,

With that said, it does seem like there’s a very good chance it played a role in the ongoing saga that will seemingly end with the Utah State product replacing Rodgers as the Jets continue to negotiate a trade with the Packers.

That will be a fairly interesting development when you consider Green Bay has had a bit of trouble evaluating just how talented Love actually is, which primarily stems from the fact that he’s served as a backup to Rodgers while appearing in only 10 games (and starting in just a single contest) over the course of his first three NFL seasons.

That relative lack of action means casual football fans could be forgiven for not being familiar with Love, although you’d assume he’d at least be on the radar of every coach in the league—especially the ones who’ve participated in a game where he’s seen some action.

However, it doesn’t appear that’s the case based on what unfolded at the NFL’s annual meeting.

On Monday, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid fielded a question from a reporter who asked him what he thought about Love, whose lone start came against Kansas City in 2020.

It’s safe to say the QB’s performance in Green Bay’s 13-7 loss didn’t really stand out to Reid when you consider he seemingly had no idea who Love was.


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