Andy Ruiz Jr. Responds To Stephen A. Smith Calling Him ‘Butter Bean’ After Heavyweight Title Match

Al Bello/Getty Images

The good news for Andy Ruiz is that he became the first person of Mexican descent to become world heavyweight champion after defeating Anthony Joshua, who was 22-0 with 21 knockouts, in one of the biggest upsets in recent memory. The bad news is that he can’t log on to social media or speak to a reporter without being reminded that he has the body type of a Best Buy Geek Squad employee.

Exhibits A, B, and C.

One of the biggest names to take a shot at the 29-year-old’s 268-pound frame was none other than Stephen A. Smith, who seemingly just this week became a massive boxing fan.

After the fight, Mr. Smith went on an internet tirade expressing his utter disgust in a man of Ruiz’s hype and stature putting the kabosh on a potential megafight between Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

Ruiz, who stands to earn roughly $7 million for the championship fight, took a quick break from counting his stacks to respond to Stephen A.

This sent Stephen A. into a predictable tailspin.

I’d empty my bank account to see Stephen A. go toe-to-toe with Andy Ruiz for 12 rounds. Can someone organize a charity event or something? Please and thank you.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]