The Los Angeles Angels Turned Their Stadium Back Into A Football Field So The Eagles Can Practice There

angels stadium football field philadelphia eagles

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From 1980 to 1994, the Los Angeles Rams called Anaheim Stadium home. Two name changes to the stadium and one football franchise returning to the city later, Anaheim Stadium, now called Angel Stadium, is once again home to a football team… briefly.

This week, the Philadelphia Eagles, AKA Angels superstar Mike Trout’s favorite NFL team, will be staying on the west coast as they have back-to-back games out there with game number two taking place on Sunday versus… you guessed it, the Rams.

So, because the Eagles needed a place to practice this week, and obviously there are no other football fields anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area that they could have used, the Los Angeles Angels turned their baseball stadium into a football field once again for the Eagles to hold their practices.

Hmmm… wonder how that happened???

So, here’s what Angel Stadium looked like back in the day when guys like Hall of Famers Eric Dickerson and Walter Payton were running wild there…

anaheim rams stadium

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And here’s what the stadium looks like today as the Eagles use the facility for this week’s practice…